About Me


Hi, my Name is Niv Neyland.

I have been contracted by many organisations that have experienced major forklift incidents and been required by WorkSafe to develop a traffic management plan for a safer workplace. Get yours done before an incident. Major incidents are too costly in every way!

Working across various industries, I achieve safer and more efficient traffic practices and reduce unnecessary risk for organisations.

I have developed traffic management plans for companies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, and work with businesses of all sizes. I look forward to working with you.

Having previously owned and operated a busy business with forklifts, trucks and pedestrians, and also been Transport Manager for a national company, my relationship with traffic management and business efficiencies goes back a long way.

I design traffic management plans for the most beneficial outcomes for all within the business. I can also develop a report on your current practices with some ideas for change.

With a new traffic-controlled environment, vehicles can safely go about their business uninterrupted in the most efficient manner, and pedestrians — whether workers, vehicle drivers or visitors — can move about the workplace without the threat of being hit. Once this is done, it creates a more efficient and much safer place to work.

When I work with organisations I use a consultative approach; I might be proficient in traffic management but I am not the expert in how your company goes about its day-to-day business. forklift , forklift safety, forklift plans, traffic, forklift accidents, reducing the risk, forklift risks, forklift management, forklift traffic, warehouse safety, workplace safety

When on your site I will speak to both management and workers, to make sure the design incorporates safe and effective traffic outcomes for your individual facility and reduce risk across the business.

I am also tertiary educated in Occupational Health and Safety, and have served on the Committee of Management of the Safety Institute of Australia.